Benefits of an Outdoor Wood Furnace

17 October, 2019

Outdoor Wood Furnaces have been used for centuries to heat homes, and even in an ever changing society they are still an appealing heating solution for many reasons.

With fluctuating fossil fuel costs, their popularity has not faltered. With modern technology and industry, wood furnaces are constantly changing to fit the needs and lifestyles of consumers. If you are considering investing in an outdoor furnace, read more to learn about just some of the benefits wood heat has to offer.

Who Can Benefit?

Homes or businesses in rural settings with access to readily available fuel. Firewood, coal, corn, wood chips, etc. are just some examples of fuel that just about anybody can have access to for little or no cost. Agricultural businesses such as dairy farms, greenhouses, commercial barns etc. can greatly benefit from the use of an outdoor boiler.

Long Term Investment

By choosing the right unit, you can see a return on your investment within just a few heating seasons. A quality outdoor wood furnace can last up to 25-30 years, providing you with cheap or free heat for many years.

Heat Multiple Buildings

The same unit that heats your home can also heat your garage, workshop, barn or any other building.

Keep Your Current Heating System

Outdoor wood furnaces can be used with virtually any heating system, from forced air to radiant in-floor heat. With the use of a unit heater or air handler, hot water from the furnace is converted to hot air for your home or garage.


With the addition of a brazed plate heat exchanger, wood furnaces can be used to heat domestic water and pools for an additional savings to your utility bill. They can also be used in snow melt applications.

Safety and Convenience

Located outside of the home, an outdoor wood furnace eliminates the risk of a house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep the mess outside as well; no more firewood in the house.

Use Renewable Resources

Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a renewable resource.

Go Green

Wood is carbon neutral. Utilize Best Burn Practices and reduce your carbon footprint.

Large Firebox

Indoor wood furnaces require loading more often due to small fireboxes. With an outdoor wood furnace, only load once or twice a day depending on your need.

Lower Insurance Rate

By keeping your furnace outside rather than in the house, your insurance rates will be lower due to the decreased fire hazard.

Control Your Heating Costs

If you use natural gas, propane or oil to heat your home, your heating costs will always be in flux. With the use of an outdoor wood furnace, you are in control of your costs. You will have the option to shop around for the wood, coal or corn used to heat your home.

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